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Ja'Duke Preschool
110 Industrial Boulevard, Turners Falls, MA 01376

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Ja'Duke Preschool is state certified and all Ja'Duke Preschool Staff is state certified.
Now taking applications - please call 413-863-8333
or email us at amber@jaduke.com!


Ja'Duke Preschool will be accepting 49 students (between three classrooms) a day.  
Enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis.  
After the spots have been filled, waiting list will be started.
Please call for an application.


Ja'Duke Preschool - Orange Room
Over 600 square feet of brand new construction
with beautiful hardwood floors and many play areas. The Orange room has its own kitchenette and bathroom.


Ja'Duke Preschool - Yellow Room
1,000 square feet of brand new construction
with beautiful hardwood floors, 14 foot ceilings, multiple play areas and its own kitchen and bathroom.

Ja'Duke Preschool - Green Room
1,000 square feet of brand new construction
with beautiful hardwood floors, 14 foot ceilings, multiple play areas.


Regular Day 8:30-3:30 -- $38.00 - Toddler Room $40.00

Half Day 8:30-12:00 or 12:00-3:30 -- $19.00 - Toddler Room $20.00

Early Care 7:30-8:30 -- $5.00 extra

Late Care 3:30-5:30 -- $5.00 an hour extra

Ja'Duke Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, gender,
cultural heritage, national origin, or sexual orientation.

 Serving Ages 15 months - 5 years

Creating a lifelong love of learning
through play, academics, and the arts, including dance class each week!

Ja'Duke Preschool
Provides quality education and childcare for children ages 15 months - 5 years of age in an environment that promotes self-esteem,
creative thinking, and individuality through warm and trusting relationships with children and adults.

  Our Goals Are To Help Your Child:

· Build a positive self image

· Increase confidence

· Increase independence

· Learn to share

· Develop a wide variety of basic skills

· Develop fine and gross motor skills

· Develop relationships with other children and adults

· Discover that learning is fun and exciting

· Be prepared for Kindergarten

· Experience learning through the arts

A Typical Day at Ja'Duke Preschool

· Free Play: blocks, vehicles, puzzles, table toys, etc. & visiting different areas of the room like the house, book, music, or writing areas

  · Circle time: calendar, weather, music morning message, singing, Spanish, sign language, movement activities, and more

  · Snack: 100% Juice, Milk and Water with Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese, Crackers, etc.  We provide most snacks, however, sometimes there will be a snack helper/sharer of the day for morning snack

· Project Time:  Art, Science, Math, Early Reading/Writing, etc.

· Gross Motor:  Dance Class, Phys Ed., Outside Time, etc.

· Lunch:  with classmates and teachers. We do not provide lunch, each child will bring their own to school

· Nap/Rest Time: sleeping, reading, puzzles, and quiet activities

· Afternoon Snack:  provided

· Special Activities: indoor/outdoor play, games, art, writing, projects, etc.

The preschool will be open all year with the choice of attending the whole year, the school year, or the summer program.  We will mirror public school holidays, but not all vacations.  Please refer to the handbook for all the scheduled days off.  
For more information and enrollment forms please contact:

Amber, The Director 
Email amber@jaduke.com
Ja'Duke Preschool 413-863-8333

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